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Mar.27: Youth Violence – A different approach-Segment 1 (Eleuthera Lisch)

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urband landscapeWhile it’s easy to point fingers and blame others for the violence we experience today.  It’s a societal issue and all of us have a role to play.  Eleuthera Lisch, Director of the Alive and Free Program at YMCA in Seattle describes violence as a treatable disease.  Eleuthera describes the environmental and family factors that make today’s youth susceptible to getting infected by the disease of violence.

About our Guest

Eleuthera_Lisch_1_LgEleuthera Lisch, Director and Trainer -Director of the Alive and Free Outreach Network, Eleuthera Lisch had been with the YMCA of Greater Seattle for 13 years, developing and implementing youth violence prevention and gang intervention programs. Her 18 year work with high risk and offender youth intersects the worlds of education, judiciary, law enforcement and rehabilitation. A sought-after public speaker and trainer, she has consulted on similar programs in Los Angeles, Baltimore, New Zealand and South Africa.