Salary Negotiation: Techniques and Tips

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CJ Liu interviews Sara Laschever on her book “Women Don’t Ask”. CJ shares a high level summary of “why” women don’t ask for what they are worth and often under value their worth. CJ and Sara discuss the long-term effect of women not asking for what they are worth. CJ reads a passage from “Women Don’t Ask” with a research report that showed that women generally ask 10% over starting salary versus men who ask 30% and the net results of that approach due to reciprocity. Even when women do ask for more and show assertiveness and confidence that they appear scary to men due to our conditioning on how women should act “nice” and likeable. Sara shares the different negotiation styles and those that are most effective for women. CJ and Sara offer a bunch of examples on how you can negotiate salary, or with your boss in 3 different examples (Senior women negotiating for higher salary, college grad negotiating for higher salary, and software engineer providing feedback to her boss).

Salary Negotiation: YouTube Video

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Sara Laschever is an author, editor, and cultural critic who has written extensively about women’s life and career obstacles. She is the co-author with Linda Babcock of . Women Don’t Ask The High Cost of Avoiding Negotiation—and Positive Strategies for Change


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