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7/23: OM: Chanting your way to wholeness

Find your way to wholeness and transcendence through chanting OM and other mantras.  Join CJ as she interviews acclaimed yoga teacher, author, and mythologist, Alanna … [Read More...]

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7/23: OM: Chanting your way to wholeness

Find your way to wholeness and transcendence through chanting OM and other mantras.  Join CJ as she interviews acclaimed yoga teacher, author, and mythologist, Alanna Kaivala, about her newest book … [Read More...]

Businesswoman Working At Her Office Desk With Documents And Lapt

Happiness at Work

  CJ Liu interviews life and business coach Jim Donovan  about his newest book “Happy @ work” sharing his tips on how you can create more purpose, success, and happiness at work.  Get 3 … [Read More...]

a woman signs a contract or a will with a fountain pen.

The who, what, why of Soul contracts (Danielle Mackinnon)

Do you believe that each soul comes in with a life lesson?  What are the lessons learned in life? How about the idea of soul contract? Join CJ Liu as she interviews intuitive coach and … [Read More...]

Depressed young man sitting on the floor and covering his face w

Dealing with an anxiety attacks

What are anxiety attacks? Why do panic attacks happen?  How do we stop nervous habits like nail biting?  Join CJ as she interviews Friedemann Schaub on his award-winning book, "The Fear and … [Read More...]

Closeup of wooden Christian cross necklace next to holy Bible

Pluralism: A Religion of One’s Own (Thomas Moore)

What if no particular religion speaks to you, or if all religions have some relevance for you (pluralism)?   How could you honor and embrace the merits of following a religion, but have the freedom … [Read More...]

The words Lose Weight on the display of a scale to tell you you

The hunter farmer diet (Dr. Mark Liponis)

Why do some diets work and some diets fail?  Join CJ as she interviews Dr. Mark Liponis, who is the medical director of  the famous and exclusive Canyon Ranch Health resorts and a New York Times … [Read More...]

Happy senior citizens exercising in spinning class in fitness ce

Anti Aging: Aging Gracefully with Vibrancy and Joy (Joan Borysenko/George Cappannelli)

Why do we fear aging ? Do you visualize your self as a prune-like, forgetful geriatric in a wheel chair riddled with illnesses?  Maybe, the big issue with our aging is the way we have been … [Read More...]

Way to new world. New life concept - light over water.

8/13: Recovering from a near death experience

How did Michael claw his way from death to live after a near fatal accident?  Why did he choose to come back?  How has his life changed after experiencing  serious damage to his body? Michael is … [Read More...]

senior women perform puja - ritual ceremony at holy Pushkar town

Chanting: Finding Ourselves ( Krishna Das)

A powerful interview with yoga's rock star, Krishna Das.  Join CJ as she talks to Grammy-nominated artist, Krishna Das, about why we are here on earth, love, death, the power of chanting, and an … [Read More...]


What is Success?

What is success?  What is the key to success? What are some common obstacles and how to use our thoughts to enable us to achieve a successful outcome?  What are some common roadblocks in our path to … [Read More...]


Meaningful work: Finding your purpose in life

Part 1: Finding your purpose in life - Learn from David Howitt's story on how you can find your calling? * Part 2: How do you find the soul of your work? Hear incredible stories with entrepreneurs … [Read More...]

Businessteam doing yoga exercise in office together, sitting on

Mindfulness: Real Happiness at Work (Sharon Salzberg)

How could mindfulness at work change our experience at work? A mindfulness practice at work helps you step back and effectively short circuits a potential reactive fight-or-flight conditioning and … [Read More...]

one  man with woman  walking away from  wheelchair  in silhouett

MS: Using the power of your mind to change your health (Dr. Joe Dispenza)

How much do your thoughts affect your overall health?  Imagine, if you are what you think.   Your health, your brain, your life is all created initially by your thoughts.  Join CJ as she talk to … [Read More...]

Happy couple embracing and laughing

Happy Place: What is your happy place?

What is your happy place? What is happiness? How do you find happiness? Join CJ as she interviews NY Times best selling author,  Tal Ben-Shahar talking about his newest book  “Choose the Life you … [Read More...]

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12/24: Forgiveness: 3 steps to Forgiveness (Gary Renard)

How do you forgive yourself and others?  Why is it so important? What are some misconceptions about forgiveness?  Join CJ as she interviews best selling author, Gary Renard, as he shares what … [Read More...]

Buddha head in a tree trunk, Wat Mahathat

Mindfulness: Getting Peace of Mind (Joseph Goldstein)

How do we get peace of mind while surrounded by phones, pc's every moment of our day?  How do we know when we are consumed by our thoughts? And you do we extricate ourselves from self-induced … [Read More...]


12/31: Dreaming about being a writer? How to write a book (Dan Millian and Sierra Prasada)

How do you write a book?  CJ Liu interviews Dan Millian (author of 17 books) and Sierra Prasada (author, blogger, writer), a father and daughter team share a book that they co-wrote, The Creative … [Read More...]

Closeup portrait of two women of different ages on white backgro

Aging Gracefully: French Women Don’t Get Facelifts (Mireille Guiliano)

Get a French woman's most guarded beauty and lifestyle secrets!  Learn how to devise your own formula for life that enhances your looks, health, and pleasures, and allows you to be comfortable in … [Read More...]

Choice and decisions: businessman thinking with question marks w

Divorce:Tipping Sacred Cows (Betsy Chasse)

There are so many spiritual platitudes or sacred cows running around. While they mean no harm, they can sometimes bring us to a place of judgment or shame.  Join CJ as she talks to Betsy Chasse, … [Read More...]

Alcohol addiction : Portrait of a lonely and desperate drunk his

Dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction? (Chris Grosso)

Why is spirituality always about light, rainbows, and unicorns, which is so counter to our real experience?   Join us as we talk to Chris Grosso, who is a  tattooed, punk/grunge, skateboarding, … [Read More...]

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